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For any queries about updating or using your web site, or if you have PC, networking or email problems, please telephone 01970 890606 (leave a message if I am not available to take your call) or email me.

Remote assistance

Remote support by Nantinet

Remote assistance window

To save the time and cost of an on-site visit, many problems can be resolved with remote assistance. This involves running a small app on the PC experiencing problems, which gives control of the computer to someone else over the internet (i.e. me). It is then as if the support person is sitting in front of your computer.

This is achieved with Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and does not involve making any changes to the client’s computer or running any software in the background. It differs from Windows ‘Remote Assistance’ in that you don’t need to set your PC up for it to work, and you don’t need to send an ‘invitation’ out for help. You just click ‘Internet support’ in the app window to connect, and you can terminate the session at any time. There is no on-going charge for this service, just call if you need support and I can send you the app and instructions by email. The app is fully tested for viruses and is safe to run on your system. If this service is too limited, then an on-site visit may be necessary or preferable.

Installing the remote assistance app

The app will be sent as an email file attachment, so you need save it to your desktop, usually by double clicking or right-clicking it (NOTE – normally, you should never do this with an .exe file unless you are absolutely sure it is safe!) Then run it (double-click the file ‘remote_assist.exe’) and ignore any virus warnings and click ‘More info’ if prompted (Windows 10) to start the app. Finally, double click ‘Internet suppport’ in the app window to start the session.



How do I update my web site?

WordPress users have a comprehensive set of editing features, just log in and browse to the page you want to edit. Older sites may have more limited editing functionality.

How do I log in to my web server?

You are not expected to manage your own web server or mail accounts. However, you are free to log in and make any changes you wish.

You log in to your web server at

Then enter your username in the user name box, and your password in the password box.

How can I see a full list of the hosting services available to me?

Just log in to your web server and have a look at the control panel.

How do I set up my email?

Give us a call and we can go through the process with you, or it can be done remotely.
If you need to change your email settings yourself, you should use the following settings:

Choose any Display Name you like
Select ‘POP3’ as the mail server type
Enter ‘‘ for incoming mail.
Enter ‘‘ for outgoing mail, UNLESS YOUR BROADBAND PROVIDER REQUIRES YOU TO USE THEIR SERVICE. If you cannot send mail, this is often the problem.
Enter your User Name in the form
Enter your Password
If you are using the wizard, then finish.
Then select the new mail account, choose ‘Properties’, choose the ‘Servers’ tab and check the ‘My server requires authentication‘ box.

Your done. Any problems contact me.

How do I log in to my webmail?

Go to, log in with

What restrictions are there on site use?

If you add content yourself, either through FTP, CMS or a page editor, please don’t upload any adult pictures, movies or offensive materials in general. Your site may be blocked if you do this.

Do I have a spam filter?

Yes, this is enabled by default, and can be accessed through the site control panel.

How do I transfer an existing domain?

Please contact me for the information you will need. You will always be the owner of the domain, but we will then invoice you when it expires, and set it to work with your account.

How do I backup my site?

There is a simple to use backup plugin included with all WordPress sites. You can take a backup and download it to your own computer in a few clicks. Older sites have an automatic text-only backup system built in.

What does SSL capability mean?

If you want to have your own private secure server space eg, then you will need the additional SSL option. The SSL option would enable you to accept confidential information via your website and gives all parties the confidence that information is being sent securely and to the right place. Please Contact me to discuss this.

Can I terminate my account at any time?

Yes, you can terminate your hosting account at any time. No notice is required. However, hosting fees are non-refundable.