Terms and conditions

These conditions apply to web site hosting and development work undertaken by Nantinet Website Development. These terms are applicable from 1/2/2011.

  1. Definitions
    In these conditions, the term ‘services’ refers to web site hosting, web site development, email accounts, or software development. ‘Nantinet’ refers to the business Nantinet Website Development, or it’s proprietor; ‘Client’ refers to the individual or company that has purchased web site services. ‘Hosting Company’ refers to the Internet Service Provider which maintains the physical web servers, hosts domain name, or contracts these services from another provider.

  1. Liability

    Nantinet accepts no liability for losses caused through use of the Client’s web site, eCommerce facilities, associated software or email services.

  2. Copyright
    All site content is copyright to the Client unless otherwise stated. Media supplied by Nantinet will be copyright free or copyright to Nantinet, otherwise where media is supplied by the Client, any copyright infringement is at the client’s risk. All software scripts used to deliver web site services via a Content Management System are copyright to Nantinet and non-transferable.

  3. Permitted use
    Where Clients can upload media to their own sites, certain content may be deemed unsuitable by either Nantinet or the Hosting Company. If such content is uploaded, it may be removed without notice and / or the hosting services terminated. Content of a pornographic, profane or otherwise insensitive nature will be considered unsuitable.

  4. Renewal of service
    It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure payment for service renewals is made before such services expire. Nantinet will take all reasonable steps to ensure the Client is invoiced in good time, and will only terminate services when payment is overdue. Hosting will be terminated 90 days after the renewal date, if payment is not received. Domain names may expire if payment is not made before the renewal date.

  5. New web sites

    Payment should be made within 30 days of invoice, or before service expiry, whichever is earliest. New sites will have a ‘Site Under Development’ banner, and may not have full operational function, until payment is received.

  6. Cancellation
    Web site hosting may be cancelled by the Client at any time and without penalty. Irrespective of the reason given for cancellation, no refund of hosting fees will be made. Should the web site be cancelled by Nantinet due to any other reason than the use of unsuitable content by the Client, then a refund of any remaining hosting fees will be made.

  7. Transfer of hosting
    Should the Client wish to transfer services to another provider, there are no penalties or charges. WordPress based sites are fully transferable, but the client will need to undertake all necessary procedures to transfer the site, no assistance can be provided with this. Older nCMS sites are non-transferable.

  8. Payment
    Payment terms are strictly net 30 days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to add 4% per month to overdue accounts.

  9. Domain and hosting renewals
    The primary domain on a web site will be automatically renewed, unless notice of cancellation is received before the renewal date. Any other domain names will not be renewed until payment is received. Web site hosting will be terminated if payment is outstanding 30 days after the renewal date.

Online shopping and eCommerce facilities provided by Nantinet Website Development:

1) Definitions:

‘Service Provider’ is Richard Watton t/a Nantinet Website Development.

‘Client’ is the company or individual for whom the web site is developed.

‘Service’ referrs to the web site and eCommerce / online shopping facility

‘Customer’ is anyone who purchases product(s) from the Client through the web site

‘Server’ referrs to the computer system that supplies web pages in response to requests from web browsers, i.e. the system that physically hosts the web site.

‘Network’ referrs to the internet telecommunication infrastructure, including the Client’s internet connection.

‘Hosting Company’ is the company that operates the Server and provides hosting facilities to the Service Provider.

2) Conditions and limitation of liability:

Online shopping facilities can be provided through the customer’s web site, using Google Checkout as the payment processing gateway. The Service Provider cannot accept any liability for losses caused through use of the Client’s web site, either to the Client of any of the Client’s customers; i.e. through server failure, network failure, malicious use of the web site, failures caused by, or insolvency of the Hosting Company, failure of the Google Checkout web site, or for any other reason.

Should the web site fail, it is the responsibility of the Client to inform the Service provider, who will endeavour to resolve any technical problems without undue delay.

3) Termination

Should any unsuitable material be added to the web site, the Service may be terminated by the Service Provider or the Hosting Company without notice and without refund. Unsuitable material includes pornography or racially abusive materials.

Should the Service fail for any other reason, the Client may terminate the contract with the Service Provider, and as such the Client will receive a refund of any remaining fees paid in advance for web site hosting. No refunds for domain name registration, renewal, or web site development / consultation costs will be made.

Should the Client wish to terminate the contract for any other reason, no refunds, or further charges for provision of web site services, will be made.

The Client’s statutory rights are unaffected by this contract.