A trio of Apps, for booking, logging and processing deliveries. Each App has separate functionality, and all are linked to a back-end Azure-hosted MVC (ASP.NET) web site where the data from the Apps is available live. The Apps also pull data live from the web site. The web site allows the client to create and modify booking and delivery records, and add users for the different apps. It also archives all records as Excel spreadsheets. Orders are automatically moved to archive when filled by a requisite number of deliveries. Booking availability is determined against a number of criteria including date, shifts, and resource availability. The system is designed to automate a complicated delivery booking and record keeping for the client.

This is a very complex and expansive system with multiple user roles, and is not for public use. Due to client data confidentiality, information is therefore limited here, and no links are provided to the web site or for any of the apps.